About us

Our Vision

To save lives and provide humanitarian support to all people.

Our Mission

1. Plan and organise expert help in times of disaster.
2. Fundraise from different organisations or individuals committed to support those in need during disaster
3. Ensure sustainability of our disaster prevention programmes through partnerships with relevant stakeholders and empowerment of our communities
4. Collaborate with relevant stakeholders dealing with disasters
5. Conduct research to mitigate and prevent disasters

Our objectives

1. Save lives and preserve the dignity of those affected by disaster.
2. Provide basic necessities to support people to return to pre-disastrous phase immediately
3. Provide emergency health care services where needed
4. Restore life and dignity to the affected community
5. Empower communities through life skills training and disaster management strategies.

Your donation helps us to save lives

For us to achieve our mission and provide the services to our community; we solely depend on your generosity and support. Without your support this will continue to be a dream. We are requesting donations of non-perishable food items, clothes to cater for men, women and children, as well as monetary donations.

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